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At long last a 'screening plan' in disguise?

The CONSENSUS STATEMENTS look like the launch [March 2016] of a screening programme from PC UK. Perhaps it is the charity's best shot at offsetting inaction by the NHS towards dealing with the catastrophe of 12,000 deaths per year, having now overtaken the breast cancer mortality rate.

Mancheck urges GP's to take note of these statements and recommendations, but whether all GP's will actually see and act on them remains to be seen. A primary reason why MANCHECK exists.

CONSENSUS STATEMENTS specifically address 'screening' and testing men with NO symptoms (a.k.a. ASYMPTOMATIC) because it's assumed that GP's act on men WITH symptoms. Hopefully both groups of men will be better attended to by GP's in the future.


GP's please note sections 7.5 and 9.4 of this NHS PCRMP document that sets a new referral level of PSA ≥3.0 ng/mL.  What might be even more surprising for GP's is the PCUK CONSENSUS STATEMENT No.9 'Asymptomatic men at higher than average risk of prostate cancer who have a PSA test between the ages of 45 and 49 should be referred for further investigations if their PSA level is higher than 2.5ng/mL.'

More to follow...
Stephen Buckle, Founding Trustee 13.10.2016 [updated 23.11.2016]

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