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The formation process for Mancheck commenced in September 2016, our official birthday is 30th September 2016

To 28th February 2017
These are not accounts, nor are they professionally audited figures, but approximate estimates and indications of income, donations, expenditure, and trustee hours.  Compliance with Charity Commission and HMRC regulation will be available here (and online at the Charity Commission) after CIO status has been granted and a full year of financial activity.

COSTS: Fuel, web hosting to Nov' 2017, stationery, Companies House, Health & Safety

TOTAL DIRECT COSTS (£)              390.65

TOTAL INCOME (£)                           0

Net balance (as trustee loan)            -390.65



Trustees do not receive remuneration.
SB Trustee Hours 3.9.2016 to 28.2.2017 179 days x6hrs: 1074

JS Trustee Hours to 28.2.2017  : 30

SM Trustee Hours to 28.2.2017: 30

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