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Governance, Transparency & Ethics

A message from founder Stephen Buckle 21.2.2017

Not so long ago I was discussing a contemporary issue with a bureaucrat and was not impressed by that person’s less than honest solution, to which I replied ‘what about ethics?’ to which I received the reply ‘that’s a bit of an old fashioned word nowadays’.  The short interaction had a profound effect on me because it highlighted a growing aspect of societies across the current civilised Western World that I will never acquiesce to; that of blatantly lying to promote oneself (often at the expense of the innocent), a particular policy, or deflect responsibility for bad behaviour.  In this era of mass-media fake news the double talking spin doctors of the past appear somewhat honest, today some people in responsible and high position simply lie.  Fortunately many people still believe in and seek transparency, openness, ethics, honesty, and the greater good.  These are the values that Mancheck is founded upon; the First Trustees I asked to join this journey are people that hold those same values.  We know we are not alone.

In complex modern societies there will be conflicting interests.  For example Mancheck challenges and criticises the very people and institutions we want to persuade to change, and whom will be in charge the future solutions to the problems we broadcast.  A difficult road to tread but we must face the flack that might come our way; we are here to rock the boat.

Art at the Inn are fundraising events held by Mancheck solely for the benefit of Mancheck and along with donations are the primary ways in which Mancheck raises funds to fulfill its charitable aims. 
As of February 2017 Mancheck and Art at the Inn do not have any paid employees, only trustees (always unpaid) and volunteers. [edited 27.2.2017]

The Trustees will ensure that Mancheck is operated to the highest standards within the Charities Commission's guidelines and English laws that govern its fundraising and charitable activities.  On 8th May 2017 Mancheck became registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation No.1172911.

Governing Document-Constitution

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